Ann Crompton

Founder member

1/2 carpet

Original entry (third prize) in the first "World in Miniature" needlepoint competition. A 1/24th scale carpet based loosely on a William Morris original design of c.1865. Tent stitch in split Mulberry 140/3 silk thread on 84 count silk gauze.


Redesgned version of the William Morris 1/24th scale competition carpet. Tent stitch on 84 count silk gauze, using a variety of silks including Mulberry, Piper and Anchor. 35,916 stitches, over 200 hours work.


An original free design, taken from life, in Victorian style on 112 count silk gauze, using a variety of silk threads. First prize winner in 2nd. "World in Miniature" needlepoint competition.

Georgian Embroideress

Late 18th.century lady stitching an early 18th.century design for a firescreen on "10 count linen", (actually 112 count silk gauze).

Footstool stitched in Piper's 4/20 silk thread on 112 count silk gauze 1/12th. scale.

Doll: Sculpy and pipecleaners. Furniture and accessories customised from kits.


Close up of 112 count embroidery.


Tudor slips in two sizes: 60 count and 112 count silk gauze, the latter in 1/12th.scale. Featured in Annelle Ferguson's book "Traditional Needlework in Miniature". Slips were stitched on linen then cut out and applied to clothes and soft furnishings, often being re-used many times.

Stool top

1/24th. scale stool top. Original Victorian style design in split silk thread on 112 count silk gauze. Second prize winner in the Class III section, 3rd. "World in Miniature" needlepoint competition.

Queen Elizabeth I

A faithful copy in 1/12th. scale of Elizabeth I from the "Armada Portrait" in Woburn Abbey. Sleeves and forepart embroidered in couched gold thread with applied jewels made from painted 3 & 4mm sequins and polymer clay, gilded and decorated with 1mm cut crystals. She is 140mm (5 1/2") tall.