Daphne Turner 1918-2005

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Her very first attempt at miniature embroidery, cushion on 30 count canvas. Design copied from a carpet. Hand made tassels and trim. 52mm (2 1/16") x 33mm (1 5/16").

Her first silk stitching, from transfers, experimenting with a variety of stitches and getting smaller. 94mm (3 3/4") x 60mm (2 3/8").

Cradle cover in Elizabethan style. An early piece made to complement Ivan's 1/12th.scale cradle. 53mm (2 1/16") x 45mm (1 3/4").


Early experiments in stitches used on Tudor clothes, furnishings and heraldic banners. Brick stitch and Or Nue were used in Italy for embroidered pictures. 125mm (4 15/16") x 83mm (3 1/4") to silk edge.

Long cushion with design in couched gold thread, taken from the chair back seen in a portrait in Hardwick Hall of Elizabeth I standing by her Chair of State. 55mm (2 3/16") x 34mm (1 3/8").

A cushion copied from one seen in a stately home, date unknown. Getting closer to true scale. 39mm (1 9/16") x 22mm (15/16").


Design based on a coverlet in Hardwick Hall. Gold and silver thread couched with split Au Ver a Soie silks.

Counterpane detail.

A small coverlet in 1/12th.scale embroidered with flowers copied from the canopy in a painting of Elizabeth I in procession.
Actual size: 70mm (2 3/4") square.

Coverlet detail.

Bodice detail copied from "The Rainbow Portrait" of Elizabeth I, using some Elizabethan stitches e.g. fishbone stitch for leaves. 1/12th.scale. Area of stitching 40mm (1 9/16") x 42mm (1 5/8").

Cradle cover

A cradle cover design taken from the Bostock sampler. Left to her granddaughter whose name, Mary Ruth, appears in the centre.
Actual size: 57mm (2 1/4") x 38mm (1 1/2").


An Elizabethen gauntlet glove

White kis leather embroidered with silk and real jap gold thread. 1/12th.scale. 25mm (1") long

Elizabethan blackwork dress and ruff

Copy of "A Portrait of a Woman aged 20", 1587. St. Olave's Grammar School. Silk thread on organdie.

Sleeve detail

Daphne saw tapestry as ideal for reproducing in miniature. She began to experiment on 84 count silk gauze, the finest then available. 76mm (3") x 92mm (3 5/8").

"The Marriage of Oedipus" was abandoned because she decided the women's faces looked too grumpy!

"The Flight of the Heron"

16th, century Franco-Netherlandish tapestry in the Burrell Collection. Split Au Ver a Soie silk thread on 84 count silk gauze. 90mm (3 9/16") x 94mm (3 11/16").


Her masterpeice, "The Noble Amazon,

12 years in the making, which she struggled with failing eyesight to complete.

The last and extra addition to the design was a representation, adapted from a mediaeval original, of her grandson's pet rabbit, Chloe. (bottom R.)

Although he inherited the "Noble Amazon", her grandson generously acknowledged the value of the piece and allowed it to remain with the rest of the collection of her work at Gawthorpe Hall. The design is a faithful copy of an early French tapestry in a private collection. Original is 3.9m x 2.6m (12' 9" x 8' 6") -Daphne's version is 223mm x 150mm (8 3/4" x 6") Split and blended Au Ver a Soie silk thread on 84 count silk gauze.