Ilene R. Bower

Founder member

Blue-grey bargello stool top

4-way Bargello stool top. Mulberry silks on 72 count silk gauze. Second prize in the 1st "World in Miniature" needlepoint competitiion.
Actual size,(stitched area): 4cm (1 5/8") x 5.5cm (2 1/16")

Table cloth

Pulled thread work on 95 count cotton batiste.

Gold sampler

Pulled-thread work in Piper's silks on 96 count cotton lawn.

Blackwork cushion

Blackwork on 72 count linen.

Cushion in imitation Hardangar, using blackwork and pulled thread on 95 count cotton batiaste.

Partworked sampler

Work in progress sampler. Cross stitch over 1 thread of 64 count cotton using Piper's silk thread.

Poem sampler

Cross stitch in Madeira thread on 96 count linen.
Actual size,(stitched area): 3.3cm (1 5/16") x 2.6cm (1")

Set of 6 placemats in 1/12th scale. Pulled and counted thread stitches in Madeira Toledo 60 thread on 95 count cotton batiste.


Blackwork runner in Carey silk thread on 72 count linen.