Jackie Matthewman

Evening gown in seven shades of Gutterman's sewing thread.

Second Prize Knitting, Daphne Turner Memorial Competition 2007.

Evening gown in Brok 120 lace cotton on size 23 & 24 needles.
Lace based on a pattern from an old Burda course.
Stole in Madeira rayon on size 23 needles from a pattern in Dolls House World.
Flowers embroidered in Madeira rayon machine thread.

Swan Lake performed by some very talented bears.
Knitted in sewing thread on size 24 needles, staged in a cotton buds box.

Actual size of bears 18mm.

The larger teddy is knitted with sewing thread on size 24 needles. He measures 7mm.
The smaller one was knitted in Brok 140 lace cotton on size 25 needles, he measures 6mm.

Both bears are fully jointed.

The expanding family!

Edwardian lady, knitted on size 25 - 25 needles with Brok 140 lace cotton.


Christening gown, knitted on 25 - 28 needles with Brok 160 lace cotton.