Lynne Platt

Carpet: design adapted from Paton's chart for a full sized Persian style stitched rug, "Tabriz". Piper's floss silk thread on 60 count silk gauze. 1/12th scale.

17th century style silk lined and fitted leather cabinet with embroidered lid on 84 count silk gauze depicting the Goddess Circe with a sheaf of corn for "Autumn". 1 1/2th scale.

Cradle cover, with pomegranate motif loosely adapted from a 16th century long cushion in Chastleton House.

Elizabethan oak chair embroidered with a 16th century Italian fabric pattern of lions rampant and peacocks. Piper's silks on 84 count silk gauze. Handmade silk tassels and fringe. 1/12th scale.


Holbein style table carpet, Celtic motifs with Eastern design taken from a fragment in the V & A museum.

Stool top adapted from an Oriental prayer rug design. Piper's silk thread on 84 count silk gauze. Handmade silk fringe. 1/12th scale.