Margaret Sitch

Margaret's first experiment on No.24 needles, a knitted lace table centre on 4 needles.
Actual size: 4.2cm (1 5/8")diam.

The final version: a table centre on 4 No.24 needles in 140/2 spun silk thread. Worked from 8 to 160 stitches from the centre outwards. Crochet loop edging.
Actual size:
5.5cm (2 1/8")diam.

A sampler of Shetland lace patterns on No.24 needles in Tanne 80 cotton yarn.
Actual size:7cm (2 3/4") x 11cm (4 5/16")
L to R:
"Shell" "Diamond lace" "Fern lace" "Falling leaf"
"Fir cone"
"Cat's Paw"

1/24th.scale table cloth on 4 No.24 needles, starting from the centre.
Actual size: 6cm (2 3/8") square

Close up of table cloth

Work in progress: bedspread knitted in Tanne 80 cotton thread on size 22 needles.
Traditional Shetland pattern "Small Fishtail".