Rosemary Conway-Jones

Founder member

Sample Florentine

A sample of Florentine stitch on 72 count silk gauze. Design taken from the bed in Parham House. 1/12th. scale.


Design based on the carpet in the West Room of Parham House, West Sussex, 1/12th scale. Tent stitch on 60 count silk gauze. Actual size: 26.1cm (10 1/4") x 16.5cm (6 1/2").


Bed hangings of the 17th century Great Bed at Parham Park. Featured in Annelle Ferguson's book,'Traditional Embroidery in Miniature'. Florentine work in silk thread on 72 count silk gauze. Actual size: 17.2cm (6 3/4") h x 11.5cm (4 1/2"0 w x 16.2cm (6 3/8") l. Bed made by Barry Hipwell.

Bed detail


1/12th. scale 17th. century (c.1625) chair, upholstery design based on an embroidery in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Silk threads on 54 count silk gauze. Also featured in Annelle's book. Actual size: 8.3cm (3 1/4") h x 3.8cm (1 1/2") w & l. Chair by Reg Miller.

Chair detail